Introduction video

Woodu is a data technology company dedicated to serving the corporation customers. The company has profound data driven risk management capabilities. Its core managers have been engaged in risk management and modelling in global top ranked financial institutions, managing credit assets over billions of U.S. dollars and have full life-cycle consumer and commercial lending business experience.

After returning to China from overseas, the core team members took charge of risk management for Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) in Alibaba Group and were responsible for credit and trading based financing such as tax refund advances, unsecured credit loans, credit financing, order loans, warehousing financing and enterprise chanting, etc. Adhering to the values of innovation, professionalism, integrity and win-together, Woodu is dedicated to providing high quality data driven risk management tools and services and promoting intelligent business decisions.

Vision and Mission


Let the world benefit from data technology, help businesses make wiser decisions


Meet customer needs with superior products and services


Create a transparent and fair work environment that stimulates creativity, recognizes and educates people


Become the most reliable risk management partner of our clients

Core Values

Innovative, professional, honest, win together

Our Cultures









We recognize that people have independent minds, ways of doing things and personalities. We respect the diversity of individuals and encourage tolerance of different opinions. We oppose using information monopoly and darkroom operation to seek improper benefits. We encourage transparent communication with clear rewards and punishments. We value smooth transmission of information. We pursue fairness and justice. We make every effort to create a working environment of caring and supporting each other.

Our Values


We advocate self-driven technical innovation


We encourage everyone to create values for our clients by extreme professionalism and craftsman spirit


We believe that honesty is the foundation of everything

Win together

We aim to win together inside Woodu and win together with our clients