Build best-in-class data driven risk management products

Focus on providing customized data driven risk management solutions and services, especially to supply chain businesses

  • Versatile data dimensions
  • Customized solutions
  • Accurate risk identification
  • Easy to use
  • Rich risk management experience
  • Advanced modelling algorithms


The risk management SaaS adapts to different financial products and business senarios, utilizes cloud-based computing to provide real-time analysis and produces quantitative risk assessments and suggestions. The product is powered by risk modelling, natural language processing, graph algorithms, data mining and deep learning technologies.

Intelligent Risk Management SaaS

Our Team

Ming Yin

·President and CEO

Ph.D. Before co-founding Woodutech, Ming was the managing director of Corporate Credit and Risk Management department. He founded and managed Alibaba Corporate Crediting Service and the risk management of corporate finance and oversea payment businesses. Before that, Ming held various VP positions in JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and GE Capital.

Jie Li

·Vise President

Master. Before joining Woodu, Jie was a senior risk manager in Alibaba, responsible for supply chain finance risk modelling and strategy development. Before that he used to work for JPMorgan Chase and SunTrust for the risk strategy development, loss forecasting and asset valuation.

Jian Gong

·Data Scientist

Master. Beforeing joining Woodu, Jian was a senior manager of Alibaba and represented Alibaba in the "Golden Tax" Big Data Project of the Chinese State Administration of Taxation as a technical specialist. Before that, he worked in Aequitas for SME risk model development and the U.S. Credit Bureau as a data scientist.

Dawei Huang

·Director - Risk Management Solutions

Master. Before joining Woodu, Dawei was a senior manager in Ant Finance, taking charge of regulation risk monitoring for Alipay oversea business and was a core founding member of Alibaba Corporate Credit System. Before that, he worked in Discover Finance on full life-cycle risk management of consumer finance.

Xiaonan (Sean) Ji

·Director - Product, Data and Modelling

Ph.D, University of Melbourne, Australia. Sean has more than 10 years experience in the areas of risk modelling and machine learning algorithm development. Before co-founding Woodu, he was a senior risk modelling manager in Alibaba, designed and developed the core risk detection models from scratch for Alibaba international trading delegation service business. Before that he worked as a risk modelling and validation manager for National Australia Bank and GE Capital.

Hui Hu

·Director - IT

Master. Before joining Woodu, Hui used to work as IT director in Zhejiang International Trade Group, focusing on development of big data driven risk management and supply chain finance platforms. Before that, he was head of development in Zhejiang Electronic Port, taking charge of big data driven Custom monitoring projects. He has undertaken several province level key construction projects.

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